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Nomad Health is the first online marketplace for freelance healthcare staffing. The platform enables clinicians and the institutions that hire them to find each other and transact directly, without a broker.
Centivo is a next generation enterprise healthcare solution for self-insured employers that saves money and provides consumers with better care.
Narrativ powers contextual shopping. Smart shoppers trust authentic editorial recommendations over sponsored posts and banner ads. Narrativ's exchange connects retailers with organic stories from publishers.
Eden Health is a new kind of doctor’s office that combines a private primary care practice, 24/7 telemedicine, and personalized insurance navigation into one simple platform.
Anvyl is a B2B SaaS marketplace focused on disrupting the multi-trillion dollar operations/supply chain industry. The platform enables buyers and suppliers to quickly find each other to produce products around the world.
Timescale develops TimescaleDB, an open source time-series database engineered up from PostgreSQL, optimized for fast ingest and complex queries.
NewtonX is an AI-powered expert knowledge marketplace. Their B2B SaaS provides clients with access to leading experts for short, insight-driven dialogues.
Coord builds digital tools for cities to enable more efficient, equitable, and sustainable transportation for people.
Knock is a home-selling platform that is on a mission to remove the stress, uncertainty and risk from residential real estate. Knock leverages data science to price homes accurately, technology to sell them efficiently.
Scala Computing aims to bring high performance computing to the cloud, ushering in the era of Big Compute. Leading researchers and developers in healthcare, finance, and defense leverage Scala to achieve faster results and drive innovation.
Originally conceived at X, Alphabet’s innovation lab, Dandelion is now an independent company offering geothermal heating and cooling systems to homeowners, starting in the Northeastern US.
Republic is an investment platform that seeks to democratize fundraising for both Founders and investors. They are SEC-registered, FINRA-licensed and bring startup investing to all Founders and the majority of the US population.
Stae gives open access to the world’s civic data in one place, in real-time, and with a uniform API. With Stae, anyone can augment their existing apps or projects with open, civic data.
Augmate provides the building blocks necessary to create customizable and scalable digital eyewear business-efficiency solutions.
Nautilus Labs analyzes ocean shipping data to help businesses burn less fuel. Nautilus has built a single software platform that is designed and developed specifically for maritime transportation.
LOLI is a manufacturer of organic, customizable personal care products. Founded by a former L'Oréal executive, LOLI offers personalization of effective, food grade, ethically sourced and sustainably-made skin, hair, bath and body products.
Epibone utilizes patients’ own stem cells to construct and cultivate a defect-specific autologous-like bone graft, requiring only a single surgery to grow human bone.
TradeFin is a supply chain finance marketplace where suppliers get paid early, corporations improve their sales and profitability and financiers make attractive returns with low risk.
pulseData creates machine learning apps to precisely manage chronic care pathways for health systems and health insurers.
CoinList is a leading platform for token-based financial services. CoinList’s infrastructure has supported $850 million in investments on its and AngelLists platforms, including the token sales for Filecoin and Blockstack.
Electronic Gaming Federation ( EGF) is building the next generation of the NCAA designed for esports. EGF administers collegiate and high school esports leagues, provides a platform to support the teams, and produces esports media.
Monthly Gift is a feminine care subscription service empowering women to take control of their health.
Cohero Health empowers those with respiratory illness to actively engage in their own care. Their proprietary connected health platform is disrupting the respiratory landscape and demonstrating measurably improved patient outcomes.
Co-founded by proven leaders in healthcare, technology and alcohol treatment, Annum transforms the treatment experience.