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Centivo is a new type of health plan administrator that provides high-quality, affordable care through a primary-care centered model.
Bokksu is a subscription food company that curates exclusive artisan snack foods in local markets and uses video and written storytelling to detail origin stories through an immersive customer experience.
Summer is a next-generation student loan management and repayment platform providing users with a comprehensive view of their debt and targeted recommendations on how to alleviate it which evolve based on their current life circumstances.
Otis is building a new investment platform to enable distributed ownership in fine art and collectibles.
Oova is a biomedical technology company for women's health that uses smart connected devices to actively monitor hormone levels and help manage women’s fertility health.
Particle Health leverages blockchain technology to enable a single health record tying together previously disparate information from a patient’s various doctors, and yielding valuable data insights in the process.
AlleyCorp is an incubator and early stage investor that is exclusively focused on investing in transformational companies in New York City. Since its inception, AlleyCorp's companies have raised over $1B+ in funding with an aggregate value of $10B+.
Oso is "Okta for servers": a normalized and consistent interface to core backend security controls – authentication, authorization, end-to-end encryption, and auditing – across any infrastructure environment.
Muze is a messaging and social media platform focused on giving users powerful tools to create, edit, and share visual content without the constraints of current social platforms.
Common is a membership organization building a network of social, flexible, community-centric accommodations for shared living.
Mint House is a start-up hospitality company disrupting the traditional hotel model. It provides unique short-term stay experiences with all the comforts and conveniences of a home—all packaged and delivered via technology.
Kleo Pharmaceuticals is advancing the field of immunotherapy by developing small molecules that emulate biologics. Their platform technology can be deployed against and a wide range of cancers and infectious diseases.
Laticrete is a manufacturer of green flooring and facade materials used in residential, commercial and industrial applications.
NYMIC helps spur development and serve as a bridge between the Tech, Maritime, Logistics, and Finance communities to connect startups to maritime interests globally.
OYA Solar is an early stage developer of solar projects committed to developing well sited and economically supportive solar projects in local communities.
panOpen is a platform that enables mainstream institutional adoption of open educational resources (OER) as an alternative to commercial textbooks.
Peak Power Energy is a North American based micro-grid project developer focused on delivering innovative solutions to offset the most expensive hours of electric demand for both utilities and building owners.
Quantierra is a startup operating at the intersection of technology and real estate, applying data and automation to help cities, private entities, and nonprofits make the most of scarce urban space.
The ROCKWOOL Group is a multinational manufacturer of mineral and stone wool products. They offer a full range of high-performing and sustainable insulation products for the construction industry.
Smarter Grid Solutions delivers products and services that enable utilities and developers to integrate distributed energy resources. They provide world-leading active network management products, planning tools and energy resources.
Toolbox is a staffing and payroll platform for skilled construction workers, allowing employers to find, onboard and pay their workers.
Spot Parking is a data provider and urban mobility firm that translates complex curb-side rules into foundation data to improve cities’ parking strategies and help transport providers optimize their services.
TPS Engage uses artificial intelligence to provide real-time data based on traffic, weather and time to drive contextual and dynamic contents through an interconnected network of digital indoor & outdoor screens.
Urban Umbrella is an elegant and break-through new sidewalk shed made of high-strength recycled steel and translucent plastic panels and designed to protect urban sidewalks from falling construction debris.