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Declare is a pioneer in leadership training and career advancement for professional women, specializing in helping companies build high-performing diverse teams.
StayTuned solves for challenges of distribution of content across a fragmented choice of device types, platforms integrations and social channel that are constantly changing.
Octave is a full-stack mental health provider purpose-built to capitalize on evolving consumer habits to resolve some of the few, key barriers that prevent people from getting the mental health care they want and deserve.
Taskade is a new workplace collaboration platform that enables more efficient team management and product workflows.
Lolli is building a new eCommerce platform that allows customers to accumulate Bitcoin rewards through simple brand and retail purchases by capturing the rebate/coupon value already broadly distributed throughout ecommerce.
Summer is a next-generation student loan management and repayment platform providing users with a comprehensive view of their debt and targeted recommendations on how to alleviate it which evolve based on their current life circumstances.
Moved is building a new concierge layer on top of the disorganized, disaggregated moving services supply chain.
Twine Labs is a workforce analytics platform that’s creating a single source of truth on employee data across various disaggregated internal corporate databases.
Hydra Studios is a new network of membership-based wellness spaces in metropolitan areas that compliments the growth of small format fitness classes and provides its members areas to refresh, regroup, and recharge.
Nesterly is a platform for intergenerational home sharing that is working to bring affordable housing to the next generation by allowing homeowners to easily rent out their extra space.
Oova is a biomedical technology company for women's health that uses smart connected devices to actively monitor hormone levels and help manage women’s fertility health.
Snackable uses NLP to intelligently digest podcasts into “snackable” 30-60 second moments to enable easier social sharing of podcast content—something which has plagued the burgeoning podcast space.
RaisedByUs is a non-profit workplace social good program that helps teams do meaningful, team-building, vetted volunteer work easily.
Particle Health leverages blockchain technology to enable a single health record tying ogether previously disparate information from a patient’s various doctors, and yielding valuable data insights in the process.
Originally conceived at X, Alphabet’s innovation lab, Dandelion is now an independent company offering geothermal heating and cooling systems to homeowners, starting in the Northeastern US.
Nara Organics is a natural baby food company that is manufacturing the first biodynamic infant formula in the US.
Bokksu is a subscription food company that curates exclusive artisan snack foods in local markets and uses video and written storytelling to detail origin stories through an immersive customer experience.
GoodTalk is a new consumer social app meant to distill and amplify good conversation, cutting the noise and delivering the signal.
Otis is building a new investment platform to enable distributed ownership in fine art and collectibles.
Chartable is creating a new enterprise AdTech and analytics platform for audio in the same vein as DoubleClick, AppAnnie, Flurry (and others) did when apps were first introduced.
Object Limited is a new eCommerce platform for the second hand goods market, going after the incumbent marketplaces such as Ebay, Etsy, and 1stdibs.
Centivo is a next generation enterprise healthcare solution for self-insured employers that saves money and provides consumers with better care.
Nomad Health is the first online marketplace for freelance healthcare staffing. The platform enables clinicians and the institutions that hire them to find each other and transact directly, without a broker.
Narrativ powers contextual shopping. Smart shoppers trust authentic editorial recommendations over sponsored posts and banner ads. Narrativ's exchange connects retailers with organic stories from publishers.