Company Impact empowers our members to build inclusive, diverse, and sustainable cultures that promote giving back

Diverse Inclusivity

Building a diverse and welcoming community begins with the companies we select. As our community statistics demonstrate, cultivating a culture of diversity, inclusivity, thoughtfulness and growth is at the core of what we do.

Workforce Development

Working with partners such as CUNY, the WiTNY program, the Here to Here Foundation, and the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development, we place truly remarkable, diverse talent across our startup companies. We focus not merely on providing jobs to bright students, but on taking a data-driven approach to establishing maximally effective strategies for connecting too-often-overlooked NYC-area talent to opportunities at tomorrow's leading tech companies.

Workplace Environment

We aim to provide our startup and emerging companies training to help them build diverse and inclusive workforces free from harassment and discrimination. In 2019, Company Impact is launching a pilot program in partnership with a leading law firm to run four training sessions throughout the year to provide employment policy recommendations and workplace culture best practices for executives and employees alike.

Community Engagement

Early stage startups rarely have the time or resources to meaningfully develop and execute on volunteership initiatives. This is too often for lack of guidance and support, rather than lack of will. To ensure New York City’s next generation of leading tech companies are built with a spirit of volunteership embedded at their core, we partner with public, private, and community-based organizations to surface a variety of vetted service, mentorship, and impact opportunities.

Civic Leadership

Today's startup leaders are being challenged to contemplate how and where they are using their abilities and technology to better society. Beginning in 2019, we will be executing programming to help our founder community contemplate thoughtful impact agendas suited to their interests and the capabilities of their companies.


We routinely host thought-provoking programming meant to facilitate important conversations and challenge our community to be conscientious about the implications of what they are building.