At Company Impact, we seek to influence the tech economy to build a more equitable and sustainable future.

Diverse Inclusivity

Building a diverse and welcoming community begins with the companies we select. Cultivating a culture of inclusivity, thoughtfulness and growth, representative of the diversity of NYC, is at the core of what we do.

Values-based Leadership

We are building a new archetype for the tech community, working with early stage founders to help codify their vision, mission and values. We will provide our startup and emerging companies customized training to ensure that they’re building an inclusive work environment, developing a full stakeholder value map, and reflecting on the ethical questions relevant to their technology. Our goal is to equip young companies to grow into mature, responsible businesses yielding a more equitable tech sector and a more sustainable future.

Workforce Development

We aim to develop talent from all corners of the city. Our focus is systemic change, taking a data-driven approach to supporting the future workforce and connecting NYC talent to career opportunities at tomorrow's leading tech companies. We work with partners like CUNY, WiTNY, Here to Here Foundation, NYC agencies and the NYC Economic Development Corporation. We also promote a culture of civic engagement through mentorship, skills training, and other volunteer opportunities.


We routinely host thought-provoking programming meant to facilitate important conversations and challenge our community to be conscientious about the implications of what they are building.