A better way to build a business

How impact-minded leadership can change the world for good

When it comes to the questions of how to build a business that is maximally inclusive, sustainable, responsible, valuable, and profitable, there is so much for a founder to consider that it can be hard to know where to start.   

At Company Ventures, we have responded with our North Star Initiative: a program that helps early-stage founders codify their vision, mission, and values from the beginning. We believe that the strongest organizations are run by leaders who comprehend and account for the interconnectivity they share with all stakeholders. 

Our goal is to equip young companies to grow into mature, responsible businesses, yielding bigger business opportunities, stronger social impact, a more equitable tech sector, and a more sustainable future. 

Via a deliberate, honed process, we guide our founders as they define their impact on the world through their products or services. We help them understand what constitutes a true vision statement, work with them to articulate theirs, and to create the plan of action required to achieve it. We then repeat this process as companies define their mission statement and their values. This training helps ensure that founders are building an inclusive work environment, developing a full stakeholder value map, and reflecting on the ethical questions relevant to their technology and broader industry. By engaging in conversations about the ethical implications of emerging technology, we believe that we can create a more inclusive view of capitalism.

Especially right now, amid the reckoning we are facing on matters of racial justice, at Company Ventures we are committed to building more intentional, equitable businesses. When we address values as part of our North Star Initiative, we speak specifically to diversity, equity and inclusion for early stage companies. Our goal is to help build inclusive businesses from the ground up. We’re fortunate to partner with experts at Google in offering training and mentorship, enabling our founders to access tools that bring DEI into core decisions for hiring, culture building and product development.

Our archetype for the tech community fosters entrepreneurs and enterprises who are excited about the opportunity to rethink how businesses are run, and improve peoples’ lives in tangible ways through values-based leadership. 

Our vision is to build a new type of startup, one that will emerge after the crises of 2020 with a new sense of purpose and direction. If you’re similarly inclined, please join us for our System Reset series which explores matters of equity, intention and renewal.

If you’re a founder and Northstar resonates with you, be on the lookout for the Company Ventures’ upcoming Grand Central Tech Startup Residency 2021; applications will open Q1 2021.