Introducing the Grand Central Tech 2019 class

Last month Grand Central Tech accepted its fifth class of companies, first as a Startup in Residence program. Each year we are humbled by the volume of applications we receive, and the quality of innovation taking place in New York City. This year was certainly no exception.

We’re confident the class we selected this year represents some of the very finest startups in the country. This amazing group of founders and teams are not only excellent at what they do, but are also each committed to collaborating in support of one another’s businesses and to contributing to the broader NY tech ecosystem via our Impact initiatives. Without further ado we’d like to introduce them to you…

Dandelion Energy is a new geothermal energy company that is building a highly scalable and cost-efficient geothermal heating solution for the US residential housing market. The company is a spinout of Alphabet’s GoogleX and is aiming to replace fuel heating, beginning with Northeastern US.

Octave is a full-stack mental health provider purpose-built to capitalize on evolving consumer habits and a new wave of interest in the space, resolving some of the few, key barriers that remain that prevent people from getting the mental health care they want and deserve.

Nara Organics is a natural baby food company that is manufacturing the first biodynamic infant formula in the US.

Object Limited Going after incumbent marketplaces such as Ebay, Etsy, and FirstDibs, Object Limited is a new ecommerce platform injecting vibrant storytelling into the shopping process for antiques and second-hand goods.

Otis is building a new investment platform to enable distributed ownership of fine art and collectibles.

Vowel is a multi-user enterprise voice platform. The company enables businesses to analyze, manage and drive actionable insights from audio data generated in the workplace/meetings. Vowel was incubated in a pilot EIR program at Grand Central Tech and is currently operating in stealth.

StayTuned is cloud-based video distribution SaaS that enables content creators to format and distribute content across all video platforms (Vimeo, Instagram, WordPress, etc.) from one single source. The company is currently operating in stealth.

Taskade is a new workplace collaboration platform that enables more efficient team management and product workflows, and that aims to kill constant use of email. Founder(s) background: 1.) Repeat entrepreneur who grew last company to 25mm active users, 3mm monthly active users.

Project OTC is a new, stealth consumer medicine brand targeting outdated over-the-counter discomfort-relief products.

Summer is a next-generation student loan management and repayment platform providing users with a comprehensive view of their debt and targeted recommendations for paying it off based on current, and changing, life circumstances.

Chartable is building Google Analytics for the booming podcast industry—offering the most comprehensive and transparent data to help creators understand, grow and monetize their audiences.

Lolli is building a new ecommerce platform that allows customers to easily accumulate Bitcoin rewards. With simple brand and retail purchases, customers earn Bitcoin in the rebate/coupon value already broadly distributed throughout ecommerce.

Particle Health is creating a new medical record data company – leveraging blockchain technology to enable a single health record tying together previously disparate information from a patient’s various doctors/health systems, and yielding valuable data insights in the process.

ClearMD is a telemedicine skincare company providing a more effective solution for the prescription acne market. The company is currently operating in stealth.

Moved is building a new concierge layer on top of the disorganized, disaggregated moving services supply chain. A user calls Moved, shares details, and is given a concierge who manages the move and coordinates across all the various service providers, including the landlord or real estate owner.

Twine Labs is a workforce analytics platform that’s creating a single source of truth on employee data across various disaggregated internal corporate databases (e.g. hiring/recruiting, HR/performance management, ongoing skills development and education, etc.). Data is then benchmarked against industry standards to help Chief People Officers gain vital, previously unavailable perspective.

GoodTalk Too often conversation on Twitter, Facebook, and other social channels gets bogged down in trolling and bad behavior. GoodTalk is a new consumer social app meant to distill and amplify good conversation, cutting the noise and delivering the signal.

Hydra is a new network of membership-based wellness spaces in metropolitan areas that focuses on providing members areas beautiful, purpose-built spaces in which they can shower, refresh, regroup, and recharge.

Oova is a biomedical technology company for women’s health that uses the combination of smart hardware and phone-based computer vision to actively monitor hormone levels and help manage women’s fertility health. The company is a spinout of Mount Sinai. Founder(s) background: 1.) PhD at Mount Sinai and former Senior Scientist at Hoffmann-La Roche; 2.) Biomedical Engineer at Mt Sinai.

Snackable uses machine learning to make spoken word audio contextually searchable. It digests search results into “snackable” 30-60 second moments to enable easier discovery and sharing. This issue has dogged not only the burgeoning podcast space, but prevents rich audio catalogs from being fully appreciated.

RaisedByUs is a non-profit social good program for enterprises, which includes customers such as Casper, Squarespace, Shutterstock, Seatgeek, Sailthru, Birchbox, MongoDB, and DigitalOcean among others. RaisedByUs helps teams complete meaningful team-building and vetted volunteer work, easily.

Nesterly is a home sharing platform that is working to bring affordable housing to the next generation by allowing homeowners to easily rent out their extra space.

Bokksu is a subscription and marketplace food company that curates exclusive artisan snacks in local markets and uses video and written storytelling to detail origin stories through an immersive customer experience.