Keeping kids happy and healthy at home with Ten Little

Photos by: Dragos Gontariu / Unsplash

As parents hunker down at home with their kids and balance working from home with becoming full-time teachers, dance instructors, chefs, gym instructors, (the list goes on…) finding activities to keep their little ones happy and healthy is paramount. Fatma Collins, Co-Founder and CEO of Ten Little (GCT 2020), a new kids brand that makes healthy shoes for little feet that are guaranteed to fit, shares tips for keeping kids happy and healthy during this pandemic.

As the mother of a 3-year old, Fatma has found it next to *impossible* to sift through all the content out there. So, she curated the resources that have been the most helpful for her at home.

1. Turn to crafts: There is truly no shortage of ideas for crafts and activities available online, but we picked our favorites to share with you to brighten even the cloudiest day. Our favorite craft of the hour: Make a rainbow for your window.



We’ve been so inspired by stories of children across the globe hanging rainbows in their windows to promote a sense of community and hope to the outside world.

How to make your own: Families have used colored paper, masking tape, post-it notes, or rainbows painted directly on glass. Use whatever makes the most sense for your home and will keep your little one the most excited. This activity is sure to radiate color inside and outside of your home 🌈.

Bonus: The Rainbow Scavenger Hunt. The best part of this craft is that it also makes for a great social distancing activity to keep spirits up for both parents and kids. We suggest going for a walk around your neighborhood to play I-spy for rainbows with your little one (while also getting some much-needed exercise and fresh air).

You can check this universal Rainbow Connection map to plot your own rainbow and look where you can find others.

2. Get creative. Remember that everything can be turned into a game for kids.
It might feel like you’ve grown ten arms just juggling all your responsibilities, so the last thing on your mind is making a craft you saw on Pinterest. Fear not – here are some great, no-mess, creative activities to keep your little one entertained.

Bathtub Artist: Using washable paint or markers, let your child finger paint or color in the bathtub and let your child’s inner artist emerge! Then, simply run the tap for easy clean-up.

Kitchen Sink Magic: Pull up a stool for them to stand on, turn on the kitchen faucet, fill the sink with wooden spoons, cups, and bowls and let them go to town!

Dustbuster Distraction: Toddlers love cleaning, especially when it is presented as a challenge. Let them find hard-to-spot crumbs or pet hair on the floor and ask them to count as they collect. #educational

3. Playlists to the rescue! Sometimes you just need to take a break and let someone else do the work. That’s why we put together a series of playlists for you and your little one.

Ten Little Dance Party Playlist – We created a Spotify playlist to keep your little one grooving and spontaneous-dance-party-ready. We recommend playing on repeat.

Ten Little Toddler Singalongs – Teach your toddlers the basics, with singalongs from Baby Shark to the Hokey Pokey.

Ten Little Storytime – Soothe your little one with some of our favorite read-aloud children’s stories.

4. Forgive yourself daily, because you’re doing your best. During the confusion of the moment, it is easy to feel like you should have everything figured out. Well, let us be the first to tell you that that’s not the case. You don’t have to write your first novel, you don’t have to teach your child a new language, and you don’t have to stick to a color-coded schedule. Just staying sane and keeping them busy is more than A-OK. A lot of us are trying to juggle being a parent with work. Just take it day by day.

For more activities, check out our post from the parents at Company affinity group, where they share their favorite resources.